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Somewhere Beneath A Rainbow…

on June 29, 2013

The faint shadow of the chair that carried me, slowly receded into the grey of the floor tiles.  The depressing gloom of the metal grey carpet above accompanied with the gusty wind that let out ghoulish howls through the gaps in the windows; while leaves blew around like confetti- all signalling a warning of the downpour that we could expect.

Doors banged shut like harbingers of the monsoon, and while the trees outside ushered the stranded towards the nearest shelter, the rain began to descend in slanting torrents. Like bullets, oblique and sharp.  Umbrellas lying around, drying off the previous sheath of water that had lain firm on their synthetic arms , flew askew like rootless twigs and water spilled into the corridor from all angles through the central opening.

And it poured, like there was no tomorrow, unabated and full of devilish fury. Thunder rumbled in the distance after what appeared to be distant flashes of god’s camera. The first crack of thunder resounded through the building like the breaking of an Earth-sized biscuit- the initial crack followed by the long and angry growl.

From somewhere came the smell of burning chappati dough- the mess maybe. A distraction had arrived sufficient enough to drive even the cooks away from the warmth of their simmering stoves. Atleast they had the warmth offered by their cooking range and the general humidity in a kitchen of such proportions.

While the cold wrapped around us like a stealthily floating cloud, wisps of clear white cloud glided past and from somewhere came the much approved suggestion of warm coffee-Black or White.

With freshly made coffee snug in the palms of our hands and the rain continuing its dance outside, stories were exchanged among a pile of abandoned books and pages. Pens sat deserted in between curled up sheets and crossed legs. Coffee diminished in our cups but the rain outside didn’t.

After hours, the curtains of water flowing from the endless sky seemed to slowly disappear into a faint drizzle. Afternoon had matured into evening and from some distant point on the horizon, the sun let out a ray in courageous brilliance, filtering past what seemed to be a screen of white and grey clouds.

Strolling up the corridor to gauge the damage done, revealed something none of us could have ever anticipated after a downpour of such magnitude and persistence. Out of nowhere, shone a rainbow in all its splendour! VIBGYOR like never before. Dropping all that our hands held in the moment, the corridor it was to admire that miracle of nature. And while it brought to mind its biblical references and the promise it held, after that storm of sorts, it held a meaning ever so beautiful and overwhelming. Even after the horrendous shower and the consequent material devastation that we failed to perceive, that sight in itself was worth it all.


” The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain”

Dolly Parton

“Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray”

Lord Byron


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