Where Talent meets an audience…

Pour Mon Amour…

on July 14, 2013

Destiny smiled upon us,

One sunny Monday morning,

One life changed, irreversibly, forever,

While neither anticipated the coming..


Annoyance is what struck  soundly first,

An unwilling heart to change any,

Scarce familiarity wedged us apart,

Drawing the unwarranted attention of many…


Steadily the eventualities changed,

And shyness drew away,

The initial professional demeanour,

Wilted and brought surprising hope everyday!


You wormed your way into my affections,

A task ever daunting to achieve,

Our stars aligned and it made perfect sense,

On first meeting, a feeling unperceived…


Compelled to care like never before,

The rainbow appeared, happiness anew,

It made fairytales seem childish,

Brewing love, faith and hope in one colossal stew..



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