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The Stylings of a self-confessed Home cook!

on July 23, 2013

For these delicious Cottage Cheese & Mushroom puffs

Cottage cheese and mushroom puffs

I find this perfectly swift and healthy for a quick dinner after a long day at work and you are forced to wrestle with the idea of making something the entire family will love.

You will need:

8 sheets of store bought spring roll base

250 gms of cottage cheese, chopped

500 gms button mushrooms ( 1 packet)

50 gms cheese

2 onions

Handful of fresh coriander, finely chopped

1 tsp of oil

Salt and pepper to taste

A paste of flour and water (to glue the base together)


How to go about it:

1) In a shallow frying pan, steam the cottage cheese with the mushrooms with salt, pepper and a little oil. Cook well till the mushrooms shrink and the cottage cheese is perfectly crispy.

2) Add the freshly chopped coriander and stir. Do not cook it for more than two minutes! (I like my coriander a fresh green and not black or tan…).

3)Fold the sheet of spring roll base in half and cut according to how big you want the puffs to be. As for me, I like them small and bite- sized.

4) Add the filling in the center of the base, add small cubes of cheese for taste.

5) Seal the puff using the paste of flour and water.

6) Grill in a pre-heated oven at around 180 ‘F for around 10-15 minutes.

7) Cut long, thin strips of onion and caramelize suitably. (It adds a lovely earthy sweetness to the contrast of the tangy cheese and the pungent pepper)

8) Once the puffs are cooked, garnish with the onion.

And that’s about it! It looks and tastes just as gorgeous!

It’s a lovely snack too and isn’t much trouble either… Try it out this weekend, I am sure it will be a huge hit!



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