Where Talent meets an audience…

Before the Walls Cave In…

on August 4, 2013

The rain splattered like bullets against the silica of the glass and the wind blew around like Dennis the Menace in a particularly petulant mood. Even the tube-light flickered like a candle in the wind and the fan seemed to slow down to a trot, all in fear of the hell that was breaking loose outdoors. The only ones who seemed to enjoy being outdoors were the long and leggy coconut palms. You should have watched them go! The rain water sat in a glowing streak along the smooth, green bed of their leaves, the wind led them into a playful dance but for such tall ‘lassies’, they remained grateful none the less.

Warm and wrapped snugly in a soft, pink quilt, the bedroom window in itself was like watching live television. The village had quieted down- even the old, mad man in the parallel street. Every soul had probably been marvelling at the thought of being safe in the confines of their dwellings. Once again, the lights outside and indoors flickered like cool water on a hot frying pan -sizzle! crackle!

Heavy Downpour

Even the neighbourhood dogs had taken shelter under a ledge of the blue and white 2 storey-building next door. I could just as much picture them huddled together on the flooring made of broken black and white tile pieces, wishing away the cold. Yet the wind remained violent and the rain determined.

The run-off from the hill slid down past on the cracked and creased old road in a soothing stream, a gentle pattern forming on its topmost layer. Beauty in the very splashing sound as it made its way to the gutter down the road. There, and it would lose its virgin transparent colour and settle with the larger currents filled with brown silt. When the shower reduced to a drizzle, the same pattern left by the stream, sat firmly in the silt that lined the road, a brown footprint of its being there.


Then the lights flickered off and died in a flurry of sparks. The big red box that was the transformer to the underground cabling sat darkly in the shadows as the world went black, my vision impeded.

Moans of despair flooded the formerly silent night air from the houses nearby, dismay in every note. Even the rain was disappointed, to be fair. Everyone had moaned for their blacked out television sets screening the daily soaps they are addicted to or for an internet connection that was so abruptly snapped- that chat on that social networking site was oh! so important! For this, the rain moaned! And wept! All year round it had longed for their attention but now it felt like nothing but an uninvited guest or like an ugly duckling in a ballroom that nobody took notice of or that people detested at first sight. And so it wept harder, bitterly almost, while the wind consoled it with mindless entertainment using its might.

Toddlers took the golden opportunity to wriggle away from their mothers’ loving laps, the force-feeding had crossed their limits of tolerance (you could tell from their angry and duped mothers’ yells), while others shrieked in fright as the dreaded darkness and imaginary closet monsters sprung to life before their very eyes.

Through the noise and from a distance came the shrill tears of a newborn probably awakened by the rains’ ruckus or pangs of hunger that happened to coincide with the same. The rain seemed to quiet down out of respect to the grandmother cooing to the baby in the pitch black of his nursery.

The mad man in the parallel street shouted at his usual decibel level, desperate for something he lacked in the moment- company, warmth even sustenance probably. And it repeated like a bad echo, streaming through the night.

All so suddenly, the lights burped alive! Collective gasps of joy resounded and from somewhere, music sounded and even a few phones buzzed but now the rain had mellowed down to a hazy mist. But by then the toils of the hours before had worn down hard on my weary eyes drooping with sleep and wonder at the sight before me… The pair of immaculately draped pillows beckoned with promises of clouds, flowers, mirth and bliss… Now who can refuse that?


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