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Why the Blog? -from the writer..

Loyalty is a strong word..Especially when it comes to your one true love..Expectations, another in the same league…

Where do i come in?? Right in the middle of those two..Torn between my love for and loyalty to writing and the expectations of my family… This,however, is a novel way out..

For those interested, I am a student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering..While i pursue a degree i have come to love and respect, this blog aims to give a constructive and creative vent to my ‘addiction’ to the written word..

Posts will vary according to creative inspiration and hope, I do, that you, as my esteemed readers,

will go through my work with an open mind…Constructive criticism and feedback will be welcome..

I don’t go in for cliches and I don’t intend making this any longer than it already is…so, Happy Reading!!


2 responses to “Why the Blog? -from the writer..

  1. Niyati Singh says:

    Awesome dear….!!!! great work..!! 🙂 keep it up!!! 🙂 :-*

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